New Venture Development Program

Why do 90% of new ventures fail?

That's a question the Startup Genome Project asked, and their research increased the odds for anyone launching a new venture.

The answer is...

New ventures succeed when they consistently grow along five pillars

  1. Team
  2. Biz Model
  3. Product
  4. Customer
  5. Investment

Most new ventures focus only on one or two pillars and ignore the rest.  And the venture fails.

You can increase your odds of success by using the Startup Genome conclusions to launch your venture.

I've created the Growth Puzzle to help you do just that.  It helps you build out the new business one puzzle piece at a time.  This is for companies who are trying to disrupt an existing market with an innovative new product.  If you have some initial traction, then use this to build a strategy to scale.

Learn from others' failures.  Amplify your time investments when you overlay this framework while you build the venture.  

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