In 1991, Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm described four personas.

Innovators – These enthusiasts want to test the latest tech to see if it works.  Give them access to the most knowledgeable staff and let them use the tech for free.

Early Adopters – These success-driven leaders want a competitive advantage.  Don’t market to them.  They will find you via their innovator network and take a big risk for a big reward.  They aren’t price conscious but are notoriously hard to please.  

Mainstream – They are patient and will let others work out the kinks in something new. They want a whole product, including a robust feature set, market validation, and 3rd party support options. 

Laggard – They only abandon their existing alternative when it is no longer available.

This helped me find my place in the world.  I'm the innovator.  This doesn't mean I come up with the latest and greatest ideas.  It simply means that I will be the first to talk about them, test them, and build applications around them.

I've been doing this my entire life. 

For the first seventeen years of my career, I was in the IT business, consulting companies on how to take advantage of technology trends.

Then I found myself bored with technology.  I started looking at business trends in leadership and entrepreneurship.  The world was changing at such a rapid pace that there were no shortage of ideas to explore.

Today, I'm way more selective as to which ideas I pay attention to.  Kind of like an investor with his/her investment fundamentals to decide whether to take on a new investment opportunity or not.  

This site showcases some of my favorite ideas.  I offer these ideas free to anyone who wants to apply them into their businesses and lives.  Some are looking for a solution to a problem.  Others are looking for a competitive advantage.  Ideas are meant to be free, so you don't owe me any money.  But I do hope you find something of value. 

I have created content modules for some of these ideas in case you want to go deeper.

If you want to talk about an idea, let me know. I'm curious to hear what you have in mind.

Yours in Strength,
Lawrence Andre